Assalamualaikum to my beloved reader's, my time is so limited now so dont ask me why i have been so long not updates my entry. Im so sorry :'/

In here, i learned so many new things to achive my ambition to be an accountant.
this sem my aimed is wanna be the one of Dekan's student. 
Sometimes, i wondering could i make my parents proud of having me as their daughter? could i?
i hope i can.. amin.

I miss my friends in Johor Bharu, Kptm and for sure my beloved too.
I miss wear my school's uniform, i miss having conversation with my classmates.. our laugh, our jokes, our silly conversation. I miss all those shits.. so much ;/
how wonderful if i could turn back the time.. :)

Me with Bebi and apil not close how supposed we were to be
Eventhough me and bebi in the same University but we rarely spend time together, gossip or what.
Sometimes when we terserempak accidently, we just smile at each other without say Hi.
Me with Apil for sure rarely contact each other, both of us busy with our activities.. 
I miss my bebi and apil so much. 
Can i tell them how important them to me? how much i love them? 

Its been 1month and 2weeks i never come back home because there so much activities in here..
I really wish for this 1st of Ramadan i can go back home.. I miss my mom's dishes.
When i was in secondary school, im so excaited to cont my study in University.. How i really want to go out from my house.. Independant ways? ah this is shit. 

Lastly.. for sure i miss my sayang so extremly much!
Sayang, dont read this.. 
Iloveyousomuch so much sayang.. eventhough you have hurt me too fucking much but my love towards you never less sayang :)
Only you know how to make me smile, laugh and yeah feel so calm.
Huge thanks for you sweetheart. 
i cant wait to meet you soon! i nk hug you je nt! :3 
sayang, stay loyal please? dont break my heart for the last time..
I really hope you wont do that.
Bee, can you promise me one thing? dont cheat on me sayang. Please dont.
 I miss you anjew :'(