Dear ex,
1stly maafkan i sbb ltk gmbr kita, td i viewed album 'moo' then i rindu sgt nk ltk gmbr KITA dkt blog ni.
awk jgn risau kay sbb no one thu Url blog ni, i tkkn bgtau dwg sbb i thu you mmg tknk org thu psl relay kita kan? sokay. I faham :) Mayb you belum bersedia.

You.. I tkthu nak share dgn siapa, Hm nk share dgn roomates tp i tkut dia jemu dgr crta tentang kita.. I tk penah ckp psl org lain selain you.. I tkthu nk share dgn siapa, I nk share dgn beb tp dia skang dh tk mcm dlu.. and mungkin dia pun akan jemu dgr msalah i yang sama.. so, i decided nk tulis dlm blog ni and tukar Url, so that no one cant read.

You, i tkthu apa yang ada dlm hati i sekarang.. i tkthu nak describe mcm mana sayang.. tp yang i pasti i keliru i tk pasti apa yang i fikirkan ni.. knp lately i rasa mcm hubunggan ni takan berjaya mcm mna yang kita impikan? knp eh? knp i mcm ni.. i rasa mcm KITA pura pura happy and tknk express our feelings sbb takut hurt each other, yeah for sure its hurt when we know the truth. I belum bersedia nk hilang you sekali lagi sayang :(

Sayang, that day masa 14/4 you mintak kita Gb balikkan? tp that time i ckp kita better ttm dlu.. egt tak? You, betul ke apa yang you Im dgn izzah yang mengatakan you lansung tk happy dgn i, you menyesal mntx gb dgn i.. you tipu i ckp you tkde krdt, you penat pura pura happy dgn i, you penat nk faham i? You, i tk mntx lebih, i just mntx you appreciate i.. tk terkira betapa banyaknya peluang i bg you. Sumpah i memperbodohkan diri i untk you b, you sedar tak? you sedar tak yang i relakan bodohkan diri i demi you? i tknk hilang you, bukan i tk cuba hdup tnpa you.. i dh byk kali cuba tpi tk pernah berjaya. Mcm mna i nk lupakan you sedangkan dlm diri i ad you? ad you dlm dri i. I kecewa sgt bila i baca im you dgn izzah, i sedih sgt.. i call muna, i mnggs dkt muna i luahkan segala galanya apa yg i pendam selama ni.. i sebak dgr muna mnggs sbb i, sbb i b. Knp you tk hargai i? knp you ckp mcm tu dkt izzah? knp you tipu i? tkpelah, i terlupa salah i sbb mengharapkan you :) mngharapkan org yang tk pernah nk hargai i.

Kekadang i salahkan diri i sbb bg you peluang terlalu banyak.. and "buatpa i nk fight untk dia sedangkan i dh thu dia tetap jd hak i" thats so sweet of you sayang, thanks for that. I mengharapkan you sebaliknya tp yang sebaliknya you ckp dkt izzah. Salah i sbb terima you, salah i sbb tk izinkan org lain dtg dlm life i.. i menyesal sbb terlalu sayangkan you. Im you dgn izzah tkkn penah i lupa, tkkn pernah lupa. After i baca i act cool je dgn you, i act mcm tkde ppe and treat you mcm biasa.. nothing change aite :) im so strong. Tp bila i perli you guna kata kata you, knp you tk penah nk mengaku tp you siap menafikan kononnya tk pernah terfkir mcm tu.. You nk bodohkan i lg ke sayang? Tk cukup ke sebelum ni you bodohkan i? tkpe, buatlah kalau you rasa ianya boleh happykan you :) i rela.

You, sejujurnya i memang nk lepaskan you sepenuh hati i.. Cuma i belum ready nk tgk you dgn org lain, i belum jumpa org yang dpt mengantikan tmpt you dlm hati i. Bukan i tknk lepaskan you, one day i will kay? :)
Buat masa ni i takut sangat hilang you, i tkut you bosan dgn i.. bukan i tk usaha nk betulkan keadaan tp i tkthu nk buatpa patutnya you yg kna buat smua ni sbb you yg mntx peluang ni kan? patutnya you yang na takut i pergi dkt org lain, you yang kna tkut hilang i.. hilang i buat selama lama nya. Peluang yang i berikan pada you kali ni adalah peluang terakhir, i dh nekad even sayang mcm mna i dkt you i should let you go after this, i ada cara tersendri mcm mna nk lupakan you.. mcm mana you lupakan i and pergi dkt mia? mcm tu lah i akan gunakan untk lupakan you. Sayang, maafkan i.

I rindukan kita yang dlu sayang :( sumpah rindu sangat masa permulaan kita knl.. masa you mengurat i. How wonderfull if i could turn back the time, our times :) I miss that moments sayang.

Sayang, i teringin nk ad bf mcm org lain.. mcm mna bf org lain treat gf dia.. bwk pergi makan, knlkan dkt parents, susprise, mlm mlm cll nyanyikan lgu smpai gf dia tertdur, dtg melawat gf dia dkt campus, kasi bunga and cokelat, appreciate gf dia, tengok langit sesama memalam, lepak mamak sama2, bf amek gf dkt rumah.. i teringin smua tuh sayang.

Sayang, betul ke you sayangkan i sepenuh hati? jawablah sayang, jujurlah dgn i untk kali ni :( yakinkan lh i yang you sayangkan i, you tknk hilang i.. tolonglah yakinkan i buat terakhir kali. Sayang, i tk dpat rasakan sayang you pada i, knp? kata kata you seperti masuk telinga kanan kluar telinga kiri, dh tk hinggap dkt hati i lgi.. i tk dpt rasakan kekuatan sayang you and ungkapan Iloveyou. Knp sayang? Im slowly giving up baby, i dh tk kuat untk semua ni. Tolong kuatkan i sayang, i tk sggup nk lepaskan you tpi i terpaksa satu hari nt.. one day i will let you go, thats what you really want from me aite? You sabarlah, skit je masa lagi. Izinkan i pinjam fizikal you sekejap walaupun hati you dh tk sepenuhnya pada i. I nak you thu yang i sayangkan you, sayang sangat sangat. I sayang you lebih dri i sayangkan diri i ni b, biarlah i hidup dlam kepura- puraan kebahagian you, i happy selagi you dgn i :)

Suatu hari nanti bila diri you i dh lepaskan, i harap sgt you rasa mcm mna i rasa.. and janganlah menyesali smua perbuatan you dkt i sbb dh tiada guna, time tuh i dh tkde peluang nk bg dkt you lagi dah. Tolong gunakan peluang ni sebaik baiknya. Iloveyou.
sincerely me;

Assalamualaikum to my beloved reader's, my time is so limited now so dont ask me why i have been so long not updates my entry. Im so sorry :'/

In here, i learned so many new things to achive my ambition to be an accountant.
this sem my aimed is wanna be the one of Dekan's student. 
Sometimes, i wondering could i make my parents proud of having me as their daughter? could i?
i hope i can.. amin.

I miss my friends in Johor Bharu, Kptm and for sure my beloved too.
I miss wear my school's uniform, i miss having conversation with my classmates.. our laugh, our jokes, our silly conversation. I miss all those shits.. so much ;/
how wonderful if i could turn back the time.. :)

Me with Bebi and apil not close how supposed we were to be
Eventhough me and bebi in the same University but we rarely spend time together, gossip or what.
Sometimes when we terserempak accidently, we just smile at each other without say Hi.
Me with Apil for sure rarely contact each other, both of us busy with our activities.. 
I miss my bebi and apil so much. 
Can i tell them how important them to me? how much i love them? 

Its been 1month and 2weeks i never come back home because there so much activities in here..
I really wish for this 1st of Ramadan i can go back home.. I miss my mom's dishes.
When i was in secondary school, im so excaited to cont my study in University.. How i really want to go out from my house.. Independant ways? ah this is shit. 

Lastly.. for sure i miss my sayang so extremly much!
Sayang, dont read this.. 
Iloveyousomuch so much sayang.. eventhough you have hurt me too fucking much but my love towards you never less sayang :)
Only you know how to make me smile, laugh and yeah feel so calm.
Huge thanks for you sweetheart. 
i cant wait to meet you soon! i nk hug you je nt! :3 
sayang, stay loyal please? dont break my heart for the last time..
I really hope you wont do that.
Bee, can you promise me one thing? dont cheat on me sayang. Please dont.
 I miss you anjew :'(

Assalamualaikum semua, Hye there! dah lama rasanya tk meng-update blog kan? I miss this shit so much! Sorry readers :/

Too many story i wanna share with you guys, and i will share it now! :)
Alhamdulillah, its been 2 weeks im officially become one of stdnt of Utm :) Im so thankfull caurse i'd be accepted to cont my study in here :) Thank you Allah.

utm's card matrik :)

Allah know the best for me :) in here i must to struggle especially for addmath subject.
My roommates alhamdulillah so far so good! smua layan kepala! Hate to admit it that i love them :* Hihi
But for sure im deadly miss my ex-housemates! they are so gonna miss me too! Even im not one of them anymore, but they always keep text me asked me to go out with them :) Thank you sayang :*

Ex housemates :*

My life is getting better now, i mean.. much better than my past. Hihi, Allah gave someone to me.. someone who can cheerish my day. Allah gave you to me :D Thank you Allah! 

One fine day, i will make people around me proud knows me.
this is my promise :)

Tired of everything.
Tired to stay.
Tired of trying.
I care more than you know sayang,
I love you so much Xx
I hope you stay for the last  time
Dont give up on us, will you?
Promise me you will never go away & always stay here with me no matter what happend between us.
 I wanted you fight for me not like "She wont give up on me, so doesnt mtter if i wont fight for her right?"
I wish i was enough for you.
I want you forever, Just you.

Sincerely  me.
Dear boy, 

Sorry bout everything that i had done to you. Im so sorry, i cant love you. Find someone who deadly in love with you kay? jgn amek tngkap muat je tau! Be a better person. I love you as a friend. Im so happy that you are still gonna be my friend eventhough what i had done to you. I hurt you a lot, i never give you one chance to prove it yr love to me, i just cant give. Nt dkt sna bljr leklok kay? :) yeay! i know you can do it very well! Nt kite jd accountant sesama tau! xD 
Hello bitch and gay! :3 Howwa you? Miss me not? Hey! for sure i miss all my readers, a lot kay?! :D Hope you guys doing well~ 

InsyaAllah, in few month from now.. i have started to do some preparing to go Kptm in dip course Accountacy. Im so excited about it! Argh, i cant imagine how my life become soon :3 I hope much better than now. 

Actually i dont decide to go there or not. I want to go but argh there's some reason i cant tell.